Over 30 cleaners now available

Brisbane cleanerWell what do you know… our favourite trade advertising site has just become the hub of local cleaning services.

That’s right, with well over 30 cleaners available and some promoting prices and daily sales, BrisTrades is the place to look for Brisbane Cleaners in the following areas:

Brisbane Northside Cleaners, servicing all areas of the Brisbane Northern suburbs.
Brisbane Southside Cleaners, looking after the southern suburbs.
Logan Cleaners, doing bond cleans, domestic cleans and more.
Ipswich Cleaners, servicing all areas of Brisbanes outer western city of Ipswich.
Brisbane Westside cleaners, maintaining all cleaning services around the Brisbane western suburbs.

Check them out. You can quickly and easily compare prices, view work portfolios and choose one to suit you.

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Pulling out floorboard staples – the easy way

Let me start by saying that pulling floorboard staples is a tiresome job. There are always thousands of those little suckers stuck in your floor and only time and determination will get rid of them.

But like any job, having the right tools may mean the difference of keeping or losing your sanity!

After removing the old floor, whether it be laminate, cork, or anything else stapled down it’s time to get to work.

Buy yourself some purpose built pliers like these.

pulling floor staples

Clasp the staple at the base firmly and lever the pliers over. Do not to squeeze to avoid breaking the staple. After a few dozen staples, you will get the feel of the right amount of pressure to apply.


Inevitably though, around 5-10% of staples will break off at the base. Don’t worry, this is quite normal and even more frequent if the staples are worn or old. For these staples, simply use a nail punch and hammer to embed these into the wood.

Nail punch

It simply takes time and persistence to get the job done. If you need a hand, you can always contract a Brisbane Handyman to help.

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Preparing painted walls for tiling

Looking to tile onto a painted wall?

Want to make sure your tiles ahear properly? Here are a few tips…

Firstly, check the adhesion quality of the existing paint.

If the paint is flakey, then you will need to do some extra preparation.

You can do this by placing some sellotape onto the wall, ripping it off and seeing if the paint flakes off with the tape. Do this in various places on the painted surface, to be sure.

Scoring or sanding a painted wall is the only way to be sure your tiles will adhear to your painted wall. Sanding 60-80% of the paint is the only sure method to ensure your wall is ready for tiling.

If your wall has emulsion paint, then it is recommended to removre this with a heat gun or heat wallpaper stipper. This process is usually a breeze to do. Any undercoats under the emulsion should be tested using the sellotape method as described above.

If at the end of the day you need some professional advice to prepare or finish the job, you can use a brisbane tiler or brisbane handyman to help you.

Best of luck!!

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Removing Blue-tac stains from painted walls

removing bluetac stains

removing bluetac stainsDo you have ugly bluetac stains ruining your beautiful painted walls?

You are not alone – this is a common problem, one that Bostik warns on their packaging.


To remedy you have a number of different options available to you, we’ll look at these starting at the most simple and least evasive…


Firstly, try rubbing the stain using a white eraser. For a superficial stain, this will work. You may get lucky and stop here…

If that does not prove to be effective, you can try the remedies suggested by Bostik. That being using lighter fluid or dry cleaning chemicals. You should be careful when using these substances and read the health warnings.

If you have tried these and the paint is still well and truly stained, you will need to look at re-painting the surface.

Some people can get lucky in matching the paint colour, which allows you to simply touch up the affected marks. However, this can be difficult to match correctly and you can end up with blotchy colours on your wall – which is where you are starting… right?

The final and most effective solution is to simply re-paint the entire wall. Slight colour variations to the old paint will not be as noticable in the room.

Other creative ideas include hanging a picture, affixing a sticker art or painting a mural. All can be a very effective solution.

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Looking for Brisbane Cleaning services?

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A SMART WAY to find trade renovation services in Brisbane

This is wonderful – a new way to find more information about the trades people who you need to build your deck, fix your plumbing, etc, etc…

Let’s face it, there are 101 ways you could find a tradie in Brisbane. But there is a smart way that puts you in control – no waiting for call backs, no registering for information, no flicking through small ads and making uninformed phone calls.

Have a look below and you will find you can:

  • Review work portfolios
  • Compare prices (where tradies have shared this information)
  • Review advertisements
  • Leave feedback on service quality

Check out the quick links below and you’ll see what I mean:

Check it out!

BrisTrades | Find Brisbane Tradies

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Finding a Cheap Plumber in Brisbane

Very exciting stuff here… At BrisTrades there are now 50+ Tradespeople listed and offering discounted rates for all kinds of services.

Here are the latest pricing breakdowns we have on sale:

  • Handyman work: $40/hr
  • Carpentry work: $40/hr
  • Painting: $40/hr
  • Tiling: $20/sqm
  • Timber flooring: $25/sqm
  • Plumbing: $40/hr!!!
  • Paving: $40/hr

These are massive savings by reputable trade companies, especially our resident Cheap Brisbane Plumber who is providing great, experienced work at almost half price!!

Still the best way we recommend to find a Brisbane Tradie.

More sales to follow – keep watching us on BrisTrades Facebook.

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House upside down after Christmas? Need Repairs?

Like most people after Christmas, you may find your house in disarray and you need to get it right-side-up again.

house upside down

Even if your wallet is a little empty from the holidays, you can still use professional help – you just need to know where to look.

Professional Handyman & General Carpentry work is now available from only $40/hr! At BrisTrades you can compare prices and services of reputable tradies like Plumbers, Electricians, Pavers and Concreters. Have a look to see how you can start saving on your trade services.

Here are some of the sales we have on during the 2012 new year.

  • Handyman work: $40/hr
  • Carpentry work: $40/hr
  • Painting: $40/hr
  • Tiling: $25/sqm
  • Timber flooring: $25/sqm
  • Plumbing: $70/hr
  • Paving: $40/hr

It’s a great time to get your Brisbane repair work done at discounted rates!

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Organic gardening in Brisbane

Do you love your plants? Don’t want to have them eaten alive, but don’t want to spray poisons all over them either? Well, you can use totally natural, organic remidies on your garden and still keeps those annoying bugs at bay.

Organic Pesticides - Love your Garden

Organic Pesticides – Treats fruit flies, birds, bacteria, fungi, snails rodents and other things that love to munch on your plants as much as you do.

  • Take a handful of chopped chillies
  • Cut up a few cloves of garlic
  • A Spoonful of soap flakes

Boil all of these ingredients in about a litre of water for a few minutes until all the aroma is lingering around and the juices are infused into the water.

Then strain, cool and start spraying! This will be effective for around a few weeks.


Another drink for the Snails?

A great method of stopping those nasty snails eating your goodies is to give them a good stiff drink of beer. That’s right. Filling a saucer with beer actually attracts the snails and they love to drink and drink to their hearts content. You’ll find them passed out over your garden and your plants will live to see another day. Sure beats the slow death of poison pellets for the snails too!!


Natural Fungicide & Fertiliser in one!

A great way to prevent fungus and fertilise your plants in one swoop is to take a trip to the beach (a short trip from Brisbane city visit Redcliffe, Bribie, or one of the popular Sunshine or Gold Coast beaches). While you are there, grab some seaweed and take it home with you. Make sure you wash all the salt off it though when you get home.

Then leave the seaweed in a bucket of water for a few days and you’ll see the water start to discolour. Then spray the natural seaweed water on your plants and they will love it and any fungus will hate it!

Well, there are a few tips to naturally love your garden and have your garden love you back.

Stay natural!

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Choosing a paint colour for the right mood

Did you know that statistically, weightlifters do their best efforts in blue gyms?
Seriously! So when you are choosing a paint colour scheme, you should not only consider your furnishings but also how it could affect your mood. Psychologists today agree with ancient chinese that we can not escape the fact that colours can powerfully affect our moods.

On both ends of the spectrum we have the colour types:

Cool colours: Colours like Blue, Purple and Green.

Cool Colours are calm and relaxing, but can also invoke feelings of sadness.

People waiting to go onto TV shows wait in the green room, to help relax.


Warm colours: Colours like Red, Orange and Yellow.

Warm colours provide comfort and warmth, but can also stimulate your body and mind to the extremes of anger and hostility.

Statistically, babies will cry more in a yellow room.

Red is used in a lot of restaurants, as it is an appetite stimulant.


Other shades of colours:

Black: Black colours symbolise power and authority.

White: White reflects light and is popular in decorating and in fashion because it is light, neutral, and  goes with everything. However, white shows dirt and is therefore more difficult  to keep clean than other colors.

Brown: Brown symbolises a solid, reliable colour that is abundant in the earth.

Once you have chosen your colours you can choose to paint yourself or hire a brisbane painter or a brisbane handyman to do the job for you.

Perhaps choose one wearing green overalls… He should be cool and relaxed throughout the job!

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How to start work as a Brisbane Handyman in 3 hours | Licence and Advertising info

Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan is in need for more handymen, so we decided to provide this simple 4 step guide to help a Qld based handyman start getting work very quickly.

If you want to start doing handyman work, then it is quite simple to get  going, but there are a number of things you must know and do first.

Step 1: Get licensed and insured (1.5 hours)

For tax purposes, you will need ABN (Australian Business Number): This is a free and very simple process which should take you 10-30 minutes to do online, here at the ABR.

For insurance purposes, you should seriously consider personal injury, third party plus and property insurance. Talk with the various insurance agencies and get some quotes that suit your specific needs. 1 hour of phone calling will do the job.

Limitations and additional reading:

If you wish to do plumbing, electrical or structural work, you will need the necessary licenses appropriate to these fields.

Working as a handyman, there are limitations to the size of work you can take on. If you wish to deliver a single job in excess of $3,300 (inc GST) or work with Asbestos then you will need additional licences for this. For a complete guide to these details, you can refer to the Qld Governments Smart Licence pages. 

Step 2: Setup a simple job management system (1 hour)

You will need a system to keep track of projects, expenses and billing. You can either learn how to use Excel spreadsheets or keep a very good journal book. It’s also a good idea to start a database of clients and tasks, so you can refer to it when you need references for new clients.

Duck down to the shops and buy a notepad, or setup a new spreadsheet: 1 hour

Step 3: Decide what work you will do and how much you will charge (15 mins)

Have a think about jobs you would like to do and are able to do.

Find out what others in your area charge. Call up some handyman ads out of the newspaper and ask for some indicative prices for the different jobs you also do.

Get a feeling for what your hourly price or flat fees for work will be. Remember you can charge more on weekends.


Step 4: Advertise (15 mins)

You probably don’t have a bucket of money to pour into advertising at this point, so we suggest starting with some good free advertising that will still get you customers.

For the jobs you can do, you should make this very clear on your advertisement.

We suggest Bristrades.com.au as a good way to find Handyman work in Brisbane.
This site lets you advertise in multiple areas (painting, plastering, cleaning, etc…) and promote your availability for work and charge rates. This means you get calls only for jobs you want. We highly recommend this site as it is currently free to advertise. No extra costs.

Advertising with Bristrades: 15 minutes

Taking it further…

After you have setup your business, you can start improving and growing your services. This could include looking at what specific types of work are most profitable and in need in your local area and looking at additional advertising.

Follow this Blog to keep an eye on tips and other Trade industry information in the Brisbane area.

Note: This is general advice only and may not be specific to your invidual circumstances. You should also check your local and state requirements for anything that may specifically relate to your city or country.

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